How are we teaching a younger generation about how Remembrance Day came about and why we must commemorate it?

I implore everyone to remember that they are able to do what they are doing right now because past veterans and present soldiers put their lives on the line in order to protect that.

I will not now debate the wars and and whether they were or are just or necessary but, you simply would not be here, reading this, without these people and the sacrifices they and their families have made.

Please do not forget about the sacrifices of their families:  living without or losing their sons and daughters; children growing up without one or more parents; spouses alone without support, possibly forever; sisters missing brothers and sisters; brothers missing aunts and uncles, etc. The effects on families of soldiers is long lasting and can be permanent.

And of course, please do not forget the broken veterans coming home looking for a higher purpose in their lives, trying to assimilate to “normal” life, dealing with all that they brought back and not feeling supported by the people of Canada and their Government.

It is my belief that we should not have veterans living on the streets or living without medical care.  We must push to have the Military and the Government accept the affects of war on veterans and provide them with care.

It is also my belief, especially in light of what just happened with the United States’ election, that we need to continue teaching students about this. Why it happened.  how it happened.  The changes it made, good and bad.  We also need to teach them to help them to decide if we we need to do what we can to prevent war and conflict going forward.

Will there ever be a world with peace?

Teacher Resources

Legion worried young Canadians don’t know enough about Remembrance Day


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