Key Skills and Strengths Required to become an Adult Educator

Key Skills and Strengths

  • Compassion and Sensitivity: Most of the student will be from very disadvantaged backgrounds. They will not have earned a high school diploma, or they may even be incarcerated if you choose to work in a correctional facility. A desire to understand why your students are where they are, and being motivated to help them, will keep you going strong in this career path.
  • Communication: Being able to talk with your students, to hear what they need from you, and to work with them to create a classroom environment that meets their needs is key to garnering trust between you and your students.
  • Flexibility: Unlike teaching, say, introductory algebra every year, the needs and skill levels of your students in an adult ed. classroom will vary dramatically. Some will come hoping to earn a GED, while others may be barely able to read. You must be adaptable and ready to change your lessons to meet each student’s needs.
  • Available to meet a non-traditional schedule: Unlike a public school teacher, your hours will not be a regular 8-4 schedule. You will likely teach classes very early, at nights, or even on weekends to accommodate your students’ work schedules.

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